REM SYSTEMS’ product range for veterinary medicine grows every year and we have sales specialists dedicated to the veterinary market.

We supply state-of-the-art products that assist with the care and treatment of companion animals, farm animals and horses. In particular, our close relationship with Abaxis allows us to supply VetScan® products, which have revolutionized point-of-care medicine in the veterinary market.

Intravenous (IV)

IV administration sets and accessories – small animal and large animal. Extension sets - mini bore and regular bore. IV infusion systems. IV Catheters. IV accessories. Syringes.

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Vetscan® chemistry and haematology analysers. Vetscan® i-STAT handheld analyser. VSPro coagulation monitor and consumables. Vetscan® consumables - blood collection tubes, disposable pipette and tips, analyser calibration kits, reagent Packs, i-STAT cartridges, VSPro cartridges. 

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Gowns, masks and shoe covers. Sensicare® surgical gloves. Exam gloves –sterile and non-sterile. Drapes. Wraps. 

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Acteon Dental X-Ray Generators. 

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