Medical & Surgical

REM SYSTEMS supplies New Zealand’s medical and surgical professionals with leading products and technologies that are designed to improve patient outcomes. Our range is comprehensive - it touches virtually every department within a hospital. Some of our products are also used for the home care of patients.

Complementing our ability to supply existing products is our talent for creating products for newly identified needs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, talk to us about having a product made to fit your requirements. Our close relationships with leading medical and surgical product manufacturers allow us to fulfil most special requests.

Anaesthesia and pain management systems

Infusion and syringe pumps (multi-purpose), blood/IV extension sets, filters, arterial pressure monitoring, epidural sets, IV catheters, needleless IV connectors, PCA sets, pressure cuffs, pressure monitoring systems, stopcocks and manifolds, non-latex syringes, suctioning systems, anaesthesia masks, filters, gas lines, ET tubes, LMAs and circuits, patient gel positioning devices.

Cameras and medical imaging systems

High definition cameras, medical imaging data capture systems, 3D high definition laparoscopy camera systems.

Cathlab and radiology

Protective lead wear (aprons, vest and kilt sets, thyroid shields, gloves, hoods, leg wraps and accessories), lead glasses, mobile barriers, racks and hangers, patient positioning wedges and accessories, specialised cath lab draping consumables.


Heart valves, cardiopulmonary hardware and consumables, and tissue sealing systems. Our knowledgeable, medically-trained sales people are ready to discuss your needs.


Cannulae, taping systems and procedure trays.

Home-based healthcare

Pressure relief cushions, IV delivery systems, incontinence collection systems and wound care.

Intensive care

Dressing and procedure trays, IV sets and extensions, IV volumetric and syringe pumps, IV monitoring lines and transducers, arterial catheters and arterial pressure monitoring.

Intravenous (IV)

Blood sets, burette sets, extensions, filters, IV sets, IV ports, volumetric and syringe pumps, needleless IV ports, connectors and sets, stopcocks and securement devices. REM SYSTEMS staff are medically trained and experienced in identifying the right products for you and your patients.

Oncology and haematology

Blood processing systems, IV pumps, IV needleless connectors, IV ports and catheter access systems, IV sets, IV filters, IV tapes and procedure trays, syringe drivers, cytotoxic IV delivery systems, cytotoxic protective wear.

Operating Theatre Consumables

Full and comprehensive range of custom procedure ready packs, single use drapes and gowns, masks, gloves and accessories for personal protection.


Power tools, sports medicine implants and anchors, manual instruments, fluid management, fracture fixation, high definition digital camera and imaging systems, upper limb joint prostheses (shoulder elbow, wrist and hand) and lower limb joint prostheses (knee and ankle). To discuss your needs, please call our medically trained staff.

Paediatrics and neonatal

Electrodes, IV comprehensive minibore and microbore extension tubing, IV pumps, needleless IV connectors, syringe drivers, enteral feeding systems.

Patient warming

Medline Perfectemp™ patient warming system.


Additive cap seals, chemosafety mats, dispensing syringes and caps, syringe fillers, filters, protective gloves and gowns, transfer spikes and sets, cytotoxic compounding accessories.


Electrosurgical diathermy generators, dispersive pads and pencils, electrodes, cables and accessories, ECG electrodes, trocars, ports, handheld instruments, ligation and stapling supplies, suction and irrigation systems, drainage systems, surgical loupes, headlights, surgical tissue sealing systems, surgical pressure relief mats and cushions for operating theatres, wound care requirements and patient positioning gel devices.


Bladderscan equipment, urodynamics consumables and accessories, suprapubic catheter sets, cysto/TUR sets, securement devices, drainage bags and foley catheters. Our knowledgeable sales staff are ready to help you.